I absolutely loveeeeee Chinese food.

I never really need an excuse for one but as last weekend was Chinese New Year I thought I’d take that as a sign to try somewhere new.

Miusan opened in January and is Camden’s newest Chinese, Malaysian and Thai restaurant. After viewing the menu on its website I was literally left feeling hungry and the pics looked like it was somewhere pretty decent.

Parking in Camden can be a problem but it’s situated right off the high street so finding it was easy. The ambience inside was date night ready and so far we were impressed.

We ordered the dim sum and roast duck salad to start and split the Kung Po chicken, Shanwei stir fried beef and Penang Chili prawns between the 2 of us. One portion of special fried rice was more than enough to share as well.

Roast Duck Salad

Penang Chilli Prawns

Kung Po Chicken

Shanwei Stir Fried Beef

Please bare with me with these pics! I really had to use every Photoshop skill I have to bring any life out of them and I managed to shoot them all on the square setting.

The food at most was high end takeaway. I’m talking the Chinese that takes 45 minutes to come.

The duck salad was by far the best dish and it’s a shame it was only a starter, followed by the chili prawns. There was nothing bad about the food. I just had higher expectations based on the website but should have wondered why it was all so cheap.

Everything came smothered in nuts which I know is typical for this particular cuisine  and although I was glad they had done it, it wasn’t on the menu.  Speak up if you have a nut allergy!

Downstairs there’s a small dance floor and DJ booth. As it was a Sunday not much was happening but it’s definitely  a decent space and I might just inquire for my 25th.

The whole meal, split down the middle came to £31 pp including 1 cocktail (happy hour was on) which I think is pretty reasonable.

Verdict: Not really worth it unless you’re in Camden, but worth a visit to check out the space downstairs if you’re looking for a small venue.


Visited: Sunday January 2017

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