Bad Egg 

Bottomless brunches seem to be all the rave these days with every restaurant deciding to cash in on the fad. I’ve been to one at STK but hadn’t tried out another one since then.

I was recently invited to Bad Egg for a birthday brunch with a friend and her mum. Although it’s literally round the corner from my office I’d never actually heard of it before. As it was a last minute booking the only slot they had available was 10 am which I thought was wayyy to early for bottomless drinking and so I planned on getting the non-alcoholic option. (Check out the menu here)

I’d barely had time to check out the menu when a waiter showed up with orange juice in one hand and champagne in another. Attentive service? Check. So that sealed it and I started on the mimosas.

You get to pick 2 options from the menu and we all seemed to stick to one savory and one sweet. I went for the poached eggs and gauc on toast with pancakes and maple syrup whilst my friend went for the cheesburger hash and the french toast with fried chicken and maple syrup.

Guacamole & poached egg on toast

Cheeseburger hash

Pancakes with maple syrup

French toast with fried chicken and maple syrup

The food came out quickly and my poached eggs were perfect. Drinks kept flowing and my glass was never empty. By the time my pancakes came out I was waved. Yes – at 11am. The pancakes didn’t look like much but were super filling and a perfect accompaniment to the poached eggs.

Verdict: A little on the pricey side for brunch but if you make the most of the free flowing cocktails it’s definitely worth a visit! Check them out here

Alcoholic brunch – £35pp  non-alcoholic brunch – £23.50pp and no extra charges

Visited Saturday 28 October 2017


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