Best of Budapest

I didn’t even know that Budapest had a Nobu but even if I did I wouldn’t have dreamed that we’d have the opportunity to eat there as I just assumed  it would be out of our budget despite Budapest being super cheap. 

The Worst

Maybe I’m naive but I didn’t actually know that Nobu was a franchise. However, this quickly became apparent. The decor was beautiful but small touches were missing. The menu looked as though it had been printed in their office and glued to a cardboard packing and the chopsticks came in paper holder. Definitely not the Nobu the Kardashian’s ate at in Calabasas.

The food only confirmed by initial opinions. It was bland and I’d had better dim sum in the Ping Pong, Stratford. I didn’t even have the energy to take decent pictures so bare with me.

One thing I couldn’t fault Nobu on was the service. Our waiters were attentive and knew the menu inside out. I’d definitely recommend Nobu for drinks but don’t waste your money coming to eat if you really want that 5* feel. For Nobu I’d give it a 5 out of 10. Not because the food was poor but merely due to the immense disappointment.



The Best

I had high hopes for Bamba Marha Burger Bar and they did not disappoint. It had a Shake Shack/Five Guys feel to it, in that it was super relaxed and you ordered your food directly at the bar.

Between us we went for the Big Kahuna and Jalapeno burgers and let me tell you they were succulentttt

The meat came medium and we didn’t have the option to change this but this was fine for me as I normally get my steaks done this way. If you’re a well done kinda person then you need to level up but I still wouldn’t give this place a miss.

Bamba Marha was simply good quality no fuss food prepared perfectly. There are three of them in Budapest and we visited the Bazilka branch. The menu also includes a large number of shakes which we opted out of as the burgers looked massive and were more than enough. Together the burgers came to 3,680 HUF which is about £10. Small change.

For what it was, a no frills casual burger joint, I’d give a Bamba Marha an 8 out of 10. The burgers were packed full of flavour and incredibly cheap, perfect for a quick stop after exploring Budapest.




One thing I always struggle with is finding decent bars while abroad which aren’t necessarily full of tourists. We Love Budapest really helped me out with this.

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