Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse | Another Turtle Bay?

I actively avoid Caribbean restaurants when choosing where to eat out. Why spend money on something I eat for free every Sunday? As I edit this I’ve literally just finished making rice and peas and lamb for Sunday dinner. Then I took time to think and realised I’d spend money on Italian and Mexican cuisines, why not support a part-Black owned restaurant. I was intrigued as to whether Levi Roots’ rum shack was proper Caribbean food so to make a point I ordered the most authentic drink on the menu and a personal favourite of mine, sorrel.

Now for the non-Jamaicans, sorrel is a drink made out of dried sorrel leaves traditionally served at Christmas.

The sorrel and ginger “cooler” was just what I needed. The right amount of ginger to not over power it, a bit on the sweet side to cater for more general palates and perfect over ice.

Whyyyy do Caribbean restaurants continue to serve ball shaped fish cakes. It literally does my head in. Nonetheless they tasted amazing. I’m not big on mayonnaise but the jerk mayo had a nice twist to it.

The wings came as expected, plentiful and fairly large in size with the hot sauce not too overpowering.

I ordered my Caribbean restaurant staple, brown stew chicken for my main and it didn’t disappoint. The meat was tender, the portions large and drowned it was drowning in a sweet gravy. My friend went for the curry goat which I found to be quite mild but still well seasoned and her meat was fairly lean.

Outside of the home of a true West Indian or your local high street takeaway you’ll struggle to find real authentic Caribbean food which hasn’t been watered down to cater for the masses. Levi’s Caribbean Smokehouse stays as true to its roots with even the plates making you think you could be eating Sunday dinner at your grandmas.

Two courses with no alcohol came to £22 each

Visited June 2018

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