Seminyak and Legian | Bali Travel Diary

Bali had been on my bucket list for what seemed like forever and after my parents visited for my Dad’s 60th birthday, it swiftly moved to the top. It’s a destination where for the most part the pictures really don’t lie which is why I think it should sit firmly on everyone’s bucket list.

Seminyak lies around 30-40 minutes from the airport in Denpasar which made it an ideal location to begin our 16 day break before heading on to Legian.


You can spend hours trawling through Instagram looking at Bali villas, always finding one a little bit nicer than the last so I was definitely nervous to see if I’d made the right decision. Stepping into our villa I was far from disappointed. We spent our first 3 nights in Seminyak at the beautiful Taman Mesari Luxury Villa complete with a private pool, beautiful high white washed columns and everything I could have asked for.

At £160 per night our budget didn’t stretch for more than 3 nights at the Taman Mesari so we moved onto the Sun Island Hotel & Spa in Legian. This is a short drive from Seminyak but gave us a change in scenary. After the luxury of our vila anywhere would have felt like a downgrade but in hindsight this hotel was everything we needed considering we didn’t spend much time there.


I’d read that Bali was great for nightlife but what I wondered was whether it was myyyy kind of nightlife or was I going to hear EDM for 2 weeks?! Luckily through a bit of trial and error we found a few spots which were fairly decent:

La Favela (Seminyak) – Set on 3 floors and playing a mix of current top40 hiphop, R&B and I even heard some J Hus and Burna Boy played so with luck you’ll catch a decent night there. Most importantly, no EDM.

Los Gringos (Seminyak) – Opposite from La Favela and a lot smaller the music was just as good. They also offer shisha so we were able to grab a table, drink, smoke and dance all night.

Sky Garden (Legian) – Set over at least 3 floors this place is massiveeee. The top floor is what you’d call the R&B room. Expect to hear your hip hop , R&B, both new and old school played in here. They have an all you can eat buffet between 5-9pm which is fairly decent. We ate and then stayed on for the club night. Again they offered shisha and we were given a VIP table (sometimes it pays to be overdressed).

Things to do

When searching for beach clubs Potato Head seemed to be at the top of everyone’s list. Set just off the beach I got real Marbella vibes. Our day bed came with a 1,750k IDR (c. £105) minimum spend which we easily met through food and drink. It wasn’t overly packed and they played a mix of chilled soulful house getting more upbeat as the day progressed. The staff were incredibly attentive and we left around 5pm. Top tip – arrive early! It opens at 10am and we arrived at 9:30am to already find queues as you can’t reserve in advance.

Finns was another beach club that came with good recommendations. Unfortunately we visited on a cloudy day but I can definitely see it’s potential. First off the place is massiveee. We were able to reserve two single day beds online for a minimum spend of 600k IDR (£35) each which met easily. This is another beach club you should definitely visit.

Is a holiday really complete without a cooking class?! We visited The Amala for a Balinese cooking class with a Chef Christ. Luck was on our side because we were the only two people in the class so essentially received a private lesson for only £105.

We spent in total 5 nights in Seminyak and Legian. Essentially Seminyak, Legian and Kuta are all a short drive from each other so wherever you choose to stay everything is easily accessible by ped or cabs.

Next up.. Ubud

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